2020 SDA-HPERA Convention

Convention Update

As of Sunday, March 15, 2020:

The SDA-HPERA executive committee met to discuss how to best proceed with our April 20 convention in Salt Lake City in light of the COVID-19 situation. We had been watching the public health recommendations develop over the past couple of weeks. With that context, and more travel restrictions being placed by employers as well, we voted to cancel our in-person convention in Salt Lake City. However… we are working to still have our Convention, just virtually. So please still plan on attending (remotely) all day on Monday, April 20. We will post details as we complete them.

Look for additional info this coming week in the following places:

  1. emails on our organization’s email list-serv;
  2. here, on the www.sdahpera.org web page (2020 Convention page ); or
  3. our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/sdahpera/

Your executive committee members realize this is a stressful time for everyone. So, be good to yourself, your colleagues, and especially to your students.

Monday, April 20, 2020
8am–12:45pm PDT
Via Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/256163155
Inclusion → “Physical Education that Matters in an Online World”

Full Schedule for Monday, April 20, 2020 back to top
(NOTE: All times are listed for Pacific Daylight Time zone)

Zoom link to join the meeting throughout the day: https://zoom.us/j/256163155

Time Event(s) Facilitator(s)/
8:00 am
Welcome & Zoom Housekeeping Rob Thomas, SDA-HPERA Executive Director La Sierra University
Introductions & Welcome Rodd Strobel, SDA-HPERA President Walla Walla University
8:10 am
President’s Address: “Asking for More” Rodd Strobel, SDA-HPERA President Walla Walla University
8:20 am
“Nurturing an Inclusive Learning Environment for LGBTQ+ Students” Janelle Kay Project School Wellness
9:10 am
9:15 am
Panel Discussion: “What Diversity & Inclusion Look Like for Me”
  • Gender Inclusivity
Kyle Kay Fraser Valley Adventist Academy
  • Physical Ability
Curtis Kuhlman, SDA-HPERA Convention Manager Walla Walla University
  • Race/Ethnicity
Vashon Williams, SDA-HPERA President Elect Oakwood University
9:45 am
Breakout Session for Diversity & Inclusion – Zoom Rooms
  • Topics: Gender Inclusivity, Physical Ability, & Race/Ethnicity
10:05 am
Reports from Breakout Sessions
  • Three ideas/observations/stories from each session
10:20 am
Service Awards & Teacher of the Year Award
  • Service Award
Bob Kilgore Auburn Adventist Academy, Shenandoah Valley Academy, etc.
  • Service Award
Randy Norton La Sierra Academy, El Dorado Adventist School
  • Service Award
Ric Spaulding Sunnydale Academy, Union College
  • Teacher of the Year
Juan Leon Greater Miami Adventist Academy
10:50 am
“Kicked out to God’s team!” Juan Leon Greater Miami Adventist Academy
11:20 am
Student Presentations
  • “The Gut Microbiome: Reshaping the Physical Educator”
Hope Heaton Walla Walla University
  • “Nutrition”
Svea Smith Walla Walla University
11:55 am
Teaching Physical Education Online (Breakout Sessions)
  • K–12 Room
Alex Adams (Moderator) Middle Tennessee State University
  • Higher Education Room
Rod Bussey (Moderator) Southern Adventist University
12:25 pm
Top 5 Best Ideas from the Breakout Sessions
  • Breakout rooms choose presenter to bring ideas to the group
12:35 pm
Wrap up Rodd Strobel, SDA-HPERA President Walla Walla University
12:45 pm
Message from the President Elect Vashon Williams, SDA-HPERA President Elect Oakwood University

Awards back to top

Awards will be given to recognize some of our colleagues.

We are very pleased that the following individuals will be recognized at our luncheon:

2020 Physical Education “Teacher of the Year”:
Juan Leon, Greater Miami Adventist Academy
Service Awards:
Bob Kilgore, Auburn Academy and Shenandoah Valley Academy
Randy Norton, La Sierra Academy and El Dorado Academy
Ric Spaulding, Union College

2019–2020 Executive Committee back to top

Position Name Organization
President Rodd Strobel Walla Walla University
Past President Jeremy Perkins Gem State Adventist® Academy
President Elect Vashon Williams Oakwood University
Secretary Matt Cantrell Addenbrooke Classical Academey
Convention Manager Curtis Kuhlman Walla Walla University
Executive Director Rob Thomas La Sierra University

Past Presidents and Secretaries back to top

Year President Secretary
2024 Randy Lonto Stacey Brackett
2023 Matt Lee Lizzie Mendoza
2022 Alex Adams Calvin Morton
2021 Vashon Williams Kaitlyn Nelson
2020 Rodd Strobel Matt Cantrell
2019 Jeremy Perkins Vashon Williams
2018 Doug Zimmerman Tamara Ritterskamp
2017 Randy Lonto Tedd Webster
2016 Bob Paulson Matt Lee
2015 Bob Benge Curtis Kuhlman
2014 Ric Schwarz Randy Lonto
2013 Alvin Fuentes Jeremy Perkins
2012 Brian Sather Jeremy Perkins
2011 Ron Schafer Doug Zimmerman
2010 Ric Spaulding Bob Benge
2009 Nestor Osorio Mike Boyd
2008 Rod Bussey Krystal Hauff
2007 Joe Perrone Laura Benn
2006 Greg Davies Gregg Morrow
2005 Greg Davies Gregg Morrow
2004 Delmar Lovejoy Steve Adams (Rob Thomas acting)
2003 Tim Windemuth Joe Perrone
2002 Nancy Petta Brian Sather (Barbara Harsany acting)
2001 Tim Willsey Ric Schwarz
2000 Don Morgan Heather Neal
1999 Ric Gatling Curtis Kuhlman (… acting)
1998 Barbara Harsany Gary Eggers (… acting)
1997 Rob Thomas Troy Beans
1996 Frank Martinez Ron Reading (Ric Spaulding acting)
1995 Bob Kalua Wally Fox
1994 Debbie Morgan Rob Thomas
1993 Phil Garver Jim Hanson
1992 Stan Detweiler Lydia Chong
1991 Roger McFarland Barbara Harsany
1990 John Pangman Sheri Hall (Bob Reynolds acting)
1989 Stacy Nelson Wally Fox
1988 Gary Hamburg Helen Weismeyer
1987 Vernon Scheffel Barbara Friesen
1986 Bill Napier Barbara Friesen (completed Cavanaugh’s term)
1985 Bill Napier Sandy Cavanaugh
1984 Walt Hamerslough Debbie Morgan
1983 Walt Hamerslough Debbie Morgan
1982 None (Steering Committee Chair presided) Bob Reynolds
1981 None (Association organized) Bob Reynolds