2022 SDA-HPERA Convention – Media


Keynote: “Weeds in Your Ethical Garden”
by Sharon Stoll, University of Idaho

Jim Hanson Memorial Lecture: “If you keep at it, one day you’ll get there”
by Bob Benge, Southern Adventist University

Using the COVID Teaching Experience to Refocus and Reinvent Your Teaching Tools
by Justin Serns, Mesa Grande Adventist Academy, and Matt Lee, PUC Prep

Community Recreation: It’s Worth the Risk
by Ron Schafer, Burman University

Student Presentations

The effects of mind-body medicines on mental illnesses
by Jennifer Lumintang, La Sierra University

Does pre-workout affect college athletes’ strength performance when performing a 1-repetition maximum squat?
by Itzel Rubio, La Sierra University

Alternative pain relief for acute sports injuries
by Sondia Howell, Oakwood University

The effects of brisk walking on short-term memory
by Crystal Cida Guzman, Pacific Union College

Awards Section

Future Professional
presented to Cyrus Jones, senior at Pacific Union College

Service Award
presented to Elaine Neudeck, Pacific Union College

Service Award
presented to Paul Lehmann, Burman University

Honor Award
presented to Bob Benge, Southern Adventist University

Business Meeting

Part 1: Discussion and Vote on potential Name Change for the Organization

Part 2: Ratifying President-elect and Secretary, new President’s Remarks