Shop Talks


SDA-HPERA Shop Talks are a way for health and physical education professionals to learn from each other, share experience and expertise, and foster a spirit of Christian collegiality within the profession.

The purpose of Shop Talks is to engage health and physical educators from kindergarten through university level and adult learners, with timely and relevant topics and issues that enhance their ability to adapt to today’s rapidly changing educational landscape. Since the strength of our profession lies in the professionals on the front lines, Shop Talks are conceived as participatory events favoring active engagement over passive consumption. The diversity of geography, demographics, expertise, and experience across our profession provides an invaluable opportunity to learn from each other in ways that will enhance our understanding, perspective, and skill sets, for the benefit of our students.

Because the purpose is to serve the good of the organization as a whole, Shop Talks should not be designed to promote products or services that provide individual benefit to the presenter/facilitator. Although all topics will not be relevant to all members, the aim is to provide a diverse offering of Shop Talks to promote the exchange of ideas, strategies, and best practices among our membership.

Shop Talk Proposal Process

Shop Talk proposals will be submitted to the SDA-HPERA Executive Committee for review at their monthly meetings and should include the following elements:

  1. Intro/Bio of the person submitting the proposal: Brief note about who are you and how are you involved in the profession
  2. Idea for the Shop Talk: Brief statement of the intent/relevance of the topic. Could also include your qualifications to address the topic if relevant.
  3. Proposed Format for the Shop Talk: Presentation, Panel Discussion, Breakout Groups, etc.
  4. Proposed length for the Shop Talk: One hour is typical.
  5. Disclaimer/Disclosure statement: Identifying any conflict of interest.

Format & Topics

All Shop Talks will be held via Zoom teleconference.

Length can be topic dependent but should not exceed 90 minutes.

Topics should be relevant to health and physical education professionals serving kindergarten through university settings and adult learners.

Submit your Proposals to one of the following